Fiji is well known as a paradise, and that's what it is. It's like being in a movie ... islands with white sand, coconut trees along the beach, clear water and relax ...

You can relax in a hammock on the beach enjoying the magnificent scenery, or if you are an active person then you can hike in the mountains that you have on the island, also diving and see the coral reef (which is amazing! ), visit Fijian villages and learn about their culture and traditions ... or  you can do both, Just visit FIJI and do it all!!!

Navitos The Fijians are very friendly people, they will welcome you with open arms and usually they will give you a flower necklace and a big smile, do not wait more, visit Fiji, we will help you to book every step of your trip, so you can just enjoy and love it with out any worries.

In Fiji you can enjoy a tropical climate. There are two seasons: the rainy season (November to April) and dry season (from May to October). Rain storms throughout the year but especially from December to February.

The best time to visit Fiji is from June to October,so email us and ask us the best option for you!